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Get Legal Advice of Lawyer For Marriage Certificate Nadra (2021)

Activities & Marriage Certificate Nadra:

 For Marriage certificate Nadra and Nadra divorce certificate Pakistan you can contact Jamila Law Associates. Many kinds of sin are committed through firework at the wedding, First of all, it is a waste of money that the Qur'an condemns people who throw away their money in this way are called brothers of the devil.  The Qur'an also says that Allah does not like such people. The Marriage certificate Nadra is must require after court marriage and marriage In Pakistan. Our team of our lawyer will guide you hat how to get the Marriage certificate verification and Computerized marriage certificate Pakistan.

There is always the risk of burning oneself or some property. Shari 'ah looks down upon conduct that puts one's life and property in danger, resulting in Marriage certificate Nadra and Nadra divorce certificate Pakistan. Often papers on which something is written down are used in fireworks. Words and letters deserve respect and should not be used in this manner, sometimes even Quranic words, Ahadith or committed Prophet are written on them. Tell me, how much retribution such disrespect calls for, (Ballistic Zewar, v-6 P-336).


The Prophet said that the angels of mercy do not go to a  house that has a dog or pictures, He also said that the greatest punishment of Allah will be to the artist or drawer of pictures, To make a picture and to keep it are forbidden,  (Ballistic Zewar, P-325)  It is wajib to destroy the pictures because keeping them is a grave sin, It is not allowed to be employed in this profession,  (Imdad ul Fatawa v-4 pp-139, 243) In short, Islam regards it as an absolute sin to draw or take pictures of animates in any form like the picture, statue, or photograph. It is wrong to compare a photo to a reflection as in a mirror resulting in Marriage certificate Nadra and Nadra divorce certificate Pakistan. The mirror does not give an everlasting reflection; when the subject moves away, there is no reflection of it while the photograph is lasting and is produced.  Pp-2S4, 258)


 what a sad time—it is! Our brothers cause us grief while obtaining Marriage certificate Nadra and Nadra divorce certificate Pakistan. Films are a means of amusement and fun. To use them for religious ends is to decry and to ridicule religion, we learn from a Hadith that a singing girl was disallowed to sing u some exponents have cited another reason too. 'But no one has rejected this contention so there is a consensus on its being disallowed. 

House of Allah:

These are pictures which are enjoyed and no one denies that they are very much forbidden though the pictures may depict righteous people and scholars. The Prophet erased the pictures of Sayyidina Ibrahilll and Sayyidina Ismail in the House of Allah.  The drawing of a Muslim's picture is more sinful because it depicts one who regards pictures as a bad thing.  (Imdad 111 Fatausa, v-4 p-3S6) This thing is unlawful even if nothing detestable is intended thereby and it is drawn merely as a pastime. If the picture brings out a defect or a drawback in the subject then the second sin of backbiting is also committed, for, one can back bite another through writing and drawing too while obtaining Marriage certificate Nadra and Nadra divorce certificate Pakistan. 

To Give the Picture a Special Character:

To give the picture a special character is to attribute something new to the subject, like showing women without a veil and if it is a young woman then the sin of an ogling eye is added. To merely see the garments of another woman is unlawful, particularly if a non-Muslim is afforded this opportunity it is also unlawful to hear musical instruments and songs of another woman. Knowing how detestable these are. Muslims must try to eliminate the best of their ability. They must tell others of the evil and stop from participating, otherwise, everyone will receive divine punishment. Our expert Lawyer in Lahore is here for services of marriage certificate Nadra & Divorce certificate in Pakistan.

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