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Which computer do you use?

Yes - which computer do you use? A Windows, or a Mac? That's exactly what the Techmechanic has recently been exploring through his new blog post Windows or Mac. In this post, the techmechanic takes us through his past and tells us how he first got introduced to the Apple experience.

He talks about his early days using a PC and some of the challenges he had to face. He also describes his first laptop purchase experience. 

I won't tell him but did you know the Techmechanic's first laptop (a Dell laptop) eventually croaked and stopped working in just three years!

And the Macbook (white) that he picked up is still functioning! Can you beat that? Isn't that proof and testimony about the wide ranging difference between a Mac and a PC? Of course the Mac is tremendously more expensive (thanks, Steve Jobs), but the Windows is simply not worth it at all.

Me on the other hand, to be honest with you, I have both a windows laptop (Dell again) and two macbooks, a Macbook Pro and a Macbook Air. 

I use the Windows computer for gaming quite often and both the Macs for work purposes. My MacBook air is the older computer with the magsafe 1 charger simply falling apart. These days It charges my Air only if I pray hard enough. LOL. My battery in the Air is also not performing well. I lose charge in about an hour and a half (still better than some PCs). My Air is old - I am wondering if I should replace the battery or not.

I am already starting to sound like the Techmechanic now. What an effect! Ha! Here's another post that he wrote on a book written by Guy Kawasaki, a Venture capitalist and an early employee at Apple - a review of the Art of the start. Take a look and let me know what you think about it. It's a nice post and although the tecnmechanic admitted he really hasn't finished the book, it's a nice review to read (without spoilers) before you get to crunching dowm the actual book.


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