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The Voice of All There Is: Shamanism, Harmony and Ecology


The shaman – whether you recognize it from the artist stepping up on the stage; analyzing and observing the cycle of life, treating people in psychology cabinets and hospitals; or mirroring through mass-media; it has a true connection with the existential functions around the world. The shaman fulfills several transcendental artistic expressions; many of them are performed by philosophers and psychologists. 



Sometimes they act as a mirror, also a creator of collective dream, storyteller, and keeper of some cultural memory. They help us read, rewrite and understand the journey of the soul. Although this is an ancient practice; for the past few years, shamans are again gaining popularity in the world. The word shaman is now spreading its roots to all different cultures. 


Shaman & Shamanism function actively in the community while maintaining a balance between nature and mankind. They work to keep cultures alive while creating true stories of spiritual healing. Other than this, they make efforts to preserve the traditions and customs of tribes. A shaman is widely recognized as a psycho-emotional and physical healer who woks or the community members. These experienced professionals keep the ritual laws alive beyond space and time. They also maintain a depository of wisdom for tribes and follow typical practices to manifest principles of harmony and simplicity of nature. 


Reports reveal that a shaman becomes a shaman after going through several crises such as family loss, loss of identity, depression, mental or physical illness. They follow the guiding dreams and various symbolic synchronicities that are connected with the responsibilities of shamanism. This is the main reason why all shamans consider themselves dedicated to handling those specific duties. 


There are many theories that reveal that the first shaman on this planet was a woman, especially a very old woman who was very experienced and knowledgeable regarding experiences related to birth and death in human life. One of the most popular and fundamental healing practices followed in shamanism is extracting, cutting away, or removing various toxic, and negative powers while restoring the positive energies


Same as spiritual healing and other famous meditation practices, shamanism also uses specific techniques to attain the specific discipline. The main factors that work behind these practices are clear personal willpower and concentration. In most of the tribal communities, this spiritual journey is supposed to begin from childhood when the mother, father, or grandparents accompany their interested or gifted child towards this field so that he can learn more about the environment. The child stays in the observation of some experts who teach him various ancestral methods that help to alter consciousness. The sacred gestures and songs help their spirit and body to get into a trance state so that they can start working towards the spiritual healing practices. These activities establish harmony between the internal state and nature while awakening the conscious to follow the eternal path. This magical realm works more like a vibrational technology that can help to settle attention and control the cognitive powers. 

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