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Optimize Your Site and Start Gaining More Business



  • Take the lucky chance to learn about the techniques used in search engine optimization and apply them to your website to develop a lead generation platform on the web.


  • Use the power of forums and online communities to get real value as a business owner.


  • Use some creativity and search engine which prioritize content related to your area of expertise.


  • What do we do in 30 seconds regularly? Take a note, and develop content for your site that is relevant to people’s daily thoughts, as well as their busy schedules.


  • Run an online contest with a simple prize or helpful information about the topic of your website. People love entering a fun contest because it gives them a chance to share their experiences with you. If the prize doesn’t have real value to them, they’re not likely to enter it again.


  • Start your blog. It helps you to show your message to potential business leads, who may not always be interested in hearing what you have to say.


  • A catchy tagline is one of the best ways to encourage visitors and convert them to potential customers of one of the products that you sell. If your tag line is clear and frequently remembered and heard, then the visitors are more likely to take action and invest in your product.


  • Use viral marketing techniques such as press releases and other content that has a specific reference to your website.


  • Provide something unique to visitors like a free e-book or report, which can be used to encourage them to come back to your website.


  • Use audio files to create the audio version of your content so people can hear your message immediately.


  • Set up automatic responses that direct people to your new site or blog in an understandable way.


  • Run several contests on your marketing website. Run a one-on-one award or offer.


  • Sign up for Associate Programs with complementary sites. Get more exposure for your site.


  • Identify your target audience or group and do everything in your power to understand their needs and wants.


  • Show how the use of your products or services or their solutions will help them make a difference in their lives. An emotional attack is one of the powerful ways to captivate visitors.


  • Set up a clear path to your site so that visitors can get what they are looking for. 


  • Search engines love pages that are designed to include similar topics and are associated with your business.


  • allow visitors to bookmark you by adding a left-click-to-Bookmark feature to each page of your site.


  • Upload marketing campaigns, and make sure they go viral in seconds. Give them a free advertising offer as a visitor referral bonus. 


  • Create a special offer in a newsletter, and allow visitors to sign up for free if they haven’t done that yet.  

Optimize Your Site


  • Hire a professional web designer to help you to design your websites and manage them if you have designed them. Price of hiring a professional vary from country to country. 


  • If you are selling products or services to a local market, a sale-only banner will save your money on advertising and help you to create links back to your site.


  • Take advantage of word of mouth with local affiliates. Set up a referral program on your website or on your affiliates because they are a great way to send your message to new clients and potential online customers who may not be familiar with your business yet. You can get a chance to promote your website.


  • Use trending keywords. Browsers and human beings are looking for information, products, and services all the time.


  • Free trials help drive customers directly to your online store.


  • Advertise in local classifieds, products, and newspaper and magazine ads.


  • Subscribe to radio feeds or direct mailings of new products or sales promotions.


  • Make sure your website or email list has accurate information on your product description pages. New items must be added and obsolete ones must be deleted on a regular basis. 


  • Use free, online advertising to promote your online business and your website.



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