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The Curve Compound: Providing a Fantastic View


Among the various compounds of the New Administrative Capital of Egypt, only a few provide modern design with a natural view. One such place is The Curve Compound, which not only provides exceptional facilities but also brings you closer to nature.


This area is filled with several varieties of flora and fauna. Even the prices offered are quite reasonable when compared with other buildings of this region. In this article, you will learn all the necessary details about this project. Once you have gathered enough information, you can select the right place inside The CurveNew Capital.



What is The Curve Compound?


The Corner Stone Company has developed The Curve Compound project of the New Capital. The basic idea behind this was taken from New York City. The units provide a double roof system with huge terrace areas. 


Also, the entire region of this compound is spread across 13 acres of land. Out of that, only 18% is utilized for buildings. This leaves a large area for green spaces and other services. The Curve Compound is a combination of 4 areas which are LANTANA, CASSIA, BONSAI, and CACTUS. 


Furthermore, the infrastructure has 540 units that are further categorized into 15 Ammar. On the ground floor, there are duplex apartments. Basic apartments, luxury lofts, and penthouses are on the sixth and seventh floor. In addition to that, a tree lounge is placed in various areas of every building. You can enjoy yourself with your friends or family in this location. 


Many vital areas like the Green River and Al Mesa Hotel are directly in front of The Curve Compound. The diplomatic quarter, fairground, and the government district are 10 minutes away from this project. Ain Sokhna/Cairo and the axis of hope are at a distance of 20km from here. Moreover, the project is just 2km of distance from the Mohammed bin Zayed South axis and the northern axis is at a 7km distance.



Features of The Curve New Capital


  • Various restaurants and cafeterias can be found in CompoundThe CurveNew Capital.
  • Sports and social clubs are available for everyone.
  • Separate tracks are provided for jogging, walking, and cycling. 
  • All-time security covers the entire area.
  • Administrative and social buildings are given to deliver an effective service to customers.
  • Several swimming pools are available for both adults and children.
  • The entire view from the buildings looks stunning.
  • 2 elevators and a separate garage can be found in all the units.


What is the cost of a unit in The Curve Compound?


The price of each unit in The Curve Compound in New Capital differs according to the number of rooms and facilities. The starting price of a single-bedroom apartment is 1.3 million Egyptian pounds. This can go up to 4.7 million Egyptian pounds. The basic range starts from the apartment and then goes to duplexes. There is a maintenance fee of 7% in each package.



An investment for life


Once you invest in The CurveNew Capital, you won’t regret your decision in the future. The place offers everything that any individual would require to live a comfortable life. Therefore, stay relaxed and purchase any property of your choice.





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