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East Coast vs. West Coast

East or West coast, how do we decide which is better - bigger houses in the east or west coast? I've driven many a hundred thousand miles and crossed many states over the last two years. Most of the time I stayed in larger cities; however, some of those I traveled through I found to be smaller than the next city I passed through. It just doesn't seem to matter where I go as long as I have a pleasant experience.


There are two things I noticed while driving across the country. First off, bigger cities always seem to have more traffic. Second off, I found that the biggest cities were always along the coast. I can't say that I blame it at all. Coming from the ocean, sand, and waves washed merchandise along the shore making everything seem a little bit bigger.


When traveling from the big states into the smaller ones, I noticed that the houses were usually all the same size and in the same general areas. When I looked in Washington DC, I knew I'd be searching the internet for Washington DC self storage that first week, just to fit all of my own stuff. However, when I drove from the east coast into the west coast, there was a huge difference in the types of homes that were being seen. Not only were there homes that were very upscale looking, but they were all extremely identical to one another. No difference in color, materials, or anything like that. Just different states.


So, what is the answer to the question "are houses bigger in the east or west coast?" As I mentioned earlier, it doesn't seem to matter where you go, but if you want a specific look, I would suggest sticking to the east and west coast for houses. The west coast has more of a relaxed feeling and doesn't have the overcrowding of the east coast.


Also, keep in mind that each state has their own rules and regulations regarding building within their borders. Some states allow people to build on top of underground piping, which is something that is illegal in some states, but is allowed in other states. Keep this in mind when looking at homes that are being considered for sale in these states. If you're going to live in an area that allows underground piping, make sure that you thoroughly check out the rules in your area before committing to purchase any property in these states. Otherwise, you may end up having to move if you find out that piping is illegal.


Another question that people have been "is houses bigger in the east or west coast?" This is largely dependent on the area that you are looking at. If you live in an area where there are no mountains and lots of desert, then it will generally be a lot bigger in the east or west coast. However, if you live in a more urbanized area where there are many tall buildings, then you will find that houses are generally a lot smaller in the east or west coast.


The final question to "are houses bigger in the east or west coast?" is if there are more new homes built in these states than in any other state. The simple fact is that there are more new homes being built in the east or west coast, and therefore it will naturally be a larger size than homes being built in the south, Midwest or Pacific Northwest.


The bottom line answer to the question "are houses bigger in the east or west coast?" is that it depends on what kind of lifestyle you would like to live. If you like to live in a house that is built on a concrete foundation and there is very little chance of overlooking large hills and mountains, then you will probably like the larger size of homes in the Pacific Northwest. However, if you like to live near the water and enjoy the view of the ocean or the stunning green landscape of Oregon, you may want to consider homes in the southeast or in Colorado. In the end, when it comes to having a home built in the United States or Canada, the size of your home is really up to you and how you live.

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