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Everything you need to know about yacht charters in Greece


Greece has a fine case to make Western progress with its rich history in governmental issues, reasoning, history, expressions of the human experience, medication, exchange, and sportsmanship. It's the ideal cruising location with a great many islands, laid-back culture, scrumptious food, and wonderful seashores. Get a free speedy statement and plan your cruising excursion to the Greek islands. If you are planning your next trip to Greece, Click here for yacht charters in Greece. 


Greece, the place where there are rich olive forests, antiquated developments and loosened up seashore life, comprises thousands of islands assembled into families with their individual customs, culture, and scene. Our bases are spread all through the islands in the Aegean and Ionian oceans, giving you a lot of choices when arranging your charter schedule. 


While on your yacht charter in Greece, you will appreciate the warm Mediterranean environment and walk pretty towns dabbed with white houses against turquoise waters that shine under the splendid sun. Sail from Athens to investigate the Saronic Islands or from Lavrion to find Santorini, Ios, and Serifos. To include Corfu, Lefkas, and Preveza in your visit, you can sail to Paxos, Zante, and Kefalonia inside the Ionian island chain, or make for Skiathos and onwards to the Sporades. For the Cyclades, start your charter from our bases in Paros and Mykonos, or fly to Rhodes and Kos to contract the Dodecanese Islands. You can also look for Luxury yachts with crew in Greece  to save some dollars. 


Climate in Greece 


The climate is bright and warm with next to no rain in the mid-year, while it is wetter and cooler during spring and pre-winter. 


Athens: The Saronic and Argolic Gulfs are by and large a secured cruising territory, with north to NNE winds averaging Force 3 to 4. In the Argolic Gulf during summer, the breeze is for the most part from the south-east and midpoints Force 3 to 5. During spring and pre-winter, the breezes are typically more fragile and blow from the south. 


Athens cautioning: The reef of Aghios Cosmas, SE of the passage of Alimos Marina, is hard to spot around evening time despite the fact that there is a light on it.


Lavrion, Mykonos, and Paros: The common breeze Meltemi blows from the north during summer, topping in July and August at Force 5 to 7, every so often arriving at Force 9. During spring and harvest time, winds can likewise blow from the south. 


Lavrion cautioning: Beware of three reefs found toward the north, center, and south of Makronisi Island and two reefs near the terrain (Cape Sounio and Ali Pasas). There is substantial traffic here from liners, fishing, and cruising yachts. 


Paros cautioning: Beware of the stones "Portes" Ag.Spyridonos, Vouves, Kaki Skala, Peponas on the north-west side of the port passage. Be careful with the shallows at Ak. Fokas (port side of the passage) and stay into the detachment framework (floats) at the entrance in Parikia. 


Corfu and Lefkas: The breeze and cruising conditions in the Ionian Sea are ideal and unsurprising, blowing north-west at Force 2 to 5 among May and September. In spring and harvest time, the breeze is less solid and blows generally from the south-west. 


Corfu cautioning: When entering the cove of Gouvia, maintain a strategic distance from the shallows by keeping toward the north side and stay in the division framework (floats). 


Lefkas cautioning: During your way to deal with the marina of the principal port, stay inside the detachment framework (floats) to maintain a strategic distance from the shallows. 




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