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Why massage is good for your health



Massages are much more than just spas. In fact, most people look for massage in moments of need. This is the reason why you press and rub your head when you feel a severe headache. In case of any injury resulting in the swollen foot, we look for self-massage options to get some relief. Massage is being used as one of the effective home remedies to get instant relief from pain, stress, depression, and other health-related illnesses. Additionally, there are tons of health benefits associated with a massage. Fortunately, massage sloane square offers different types of massage, which means people with truly hectic schedules can benefit from this health-improving technique. Let’s quickly look at some of the proven benefits of receiving a massage.


  1. Massages Can reduce Headaches


Whether you are feeling headache due to some tension or due to migraines, scientists have done numerous studies and found that regular massage can help to reduce or even take away headache-related problems from your life.

  1. Massages relaxes the body


As we said, there are different types of massages available in the market, Swedish or hot stone massage is one of the commonly used terms known to many. This type of massage applies the right amount of pressure (sometimes the pressure is combined with heat, to soften achy muscles). If your body is feeling stiff and tight from the hectic work schedule of the office, this massage offers a perfect way to relax.

  1. Massages Decreases Joint Pain


Joint pain is a common health problem complained about by almost everyone from pregnant women to patients struggling with fibromyalgia. Incorporating a regular massage regime in life can help you to get relief from joint pain. In fact, many health care settings recommend patients complaining about joint pain visit licensed massage therapists.

  1. Massages Can decrease Anxiety


More than 40 million Americans are dealing with one or the other form of anxiety, and this can be physically and emotionally draining at times. Anxiety is the prime reason for expenses in almost 33% of mental-health-related patients. The good news for those patients is that massage therapy can reduce anxiety by cutting down the level of stress-producing hormones.

  1. Mitigate Back Pain


Back pain is again one of the reasons why people visit medical experts these days. Massage reduces lower-back pain by 36% and is safer and more effective than chiropractic care or acupuncture.

  1. Massages ensure the Flexibility and mobility of an athlete


Most Americans are not as flexible as they should be. This is often caused due to stiffness. Fortunately, a sports massage is available especially customized for athletes to improve their flexibility and mobility while involving in sports and other activities.

  1. Massages can help to reduce Cancer-related pain


According to the latest study, 4 out of every 10 adults are battling cancer. Massage can act as a complementary treatment for cancer patients and reduce cancer-related pain.

  1. Re-energize your body and mind with a Massage


Most people with no massage in their regular routine tend to feel drained at the end of the day. Swedish massage is one of the common messages that can help you to relax and re-energize for the day.

  1. Neuromuscular Massage helps to reduce pain due to Repetitive Movement Injuries


More than 80% of American adults work in front of their desktops, and most of them repeat the same tasks throughout the day. This is one of the major reasons for injuries to hands, wrist pain, arms, neck, and back pain. A typical massage can reduce this pain, but neuromuscular techniques at park lane can actually target the root cause of the pain and give you optimal results.

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