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How to Manage your Time during the CISSP Exam

Do not want to cause an alarm but a six-hour CISSP exam and have a total of 250 multiple choice questions. This is an exercise not only for your brain and wise risk management, but also in patience and perseverance at its full capacity.


Sleep well and some chocolate!

It is important for you to get a good night's sleep before your exam (hopefully!) To ensure your level of concentration is the best. Useful test day: Take some chocolate (energy booster), calculator and English dictionary (if you are writing your exam in English) with you. Dictionaries and calculators are usually allowed in the exam hall and may help you but before you put it in your bag, check the latest test rules on the ISC2 website under the 'exam policy and procedure'.


It doesn't need to be said that when sitting your exam is committed to giving the best, whatever happens. There are general rules where you have to think about how to risk management consultants with logic; Means how the problems stated in the question will be approached from senior management (policies / procedures) to middle management (project management), and for technology (implementation of solutions).


Rest and stretch

It is recommended that you take three breaks in a period of six hours, preferably in a logical order but there are no rules when you take a break. Plan them when it's suitable for you, me. At a two-hour interval, or when you feel that your brain (and muscle!) Need a break and fresh air. A good way to increase oxygen intake to help concentration is taking a deep breath and stretching the muscles during your break.


Question circle

Computer-based CISSP exams that allow you to navigate freely between questions. It is recommended that the exam be approached by circular; I.e. Consider all questions as if they were in a big circle. So, in the first circle, target questions that have a short "question statement" or it seems less difficult and will not take you more than two minutes to complete the first attempt. This approach will help increase your confidence when you progress around the circle of questions, complete all the more easier questions to score, which can amount to around 100!


At the same time you are targeting an easier question, marking other questions about more difficulties, such as 'tick' for those who experience middle and two 'fleas' difficulties for more difficult. In this way, you will know which question will focus when you go around the circle for the second and third time. Using this method can also give you the opportunity to take a break after you complete each circle.


After you complete your three circles, you might find that you still have some of the remaining questions and proven to be very difficult. Depending on how much time is left, try to solve these questions as well as possible, or at least take a rough guess. Remember, there is no negative sign in the CISSP exam.


Skills developed after CISSP certification

At the end of your CISSP online certification course will be:


You must be able to define the architecture, design, and security management of your organization.

You will gain related knowledge and skills to become CISSP certified professionals who meet the requirements.

Develop work knowledge in 8 domains recommended by CISSP General Knowledge (CBK)

Learn about access control systems, security, and software methodology

Can optimize security operations


Who should do CISSP certification?

CissP certification training is important for the following professionals:


Head of Information Security Officer

Security Director.

Network architect

Security consultant.

Security manager

Security auditor.

Security analyst.

IT Director / Manager

Manage Cloud Security.

Security System Engineer


CISSP Certification Purpose Course

Here, are some of the goals to get this certificate course:


Being accustomed to (ISC) 2 general knowledge agencies (CBK) which includes several requirements, principles, lists, categories, etc.

Familiar with the CISSP exam process chat with our experts.

You must be able to develop a study plan to take and pass the exam experience.

Helps you expand your knowledge about software security concepts and practices.

Become more marketed in competitive workers

Show your dedication to security discipline.

Increasing the credibility and value of employees as a security certification (ISC) 2 is internationally recognized.

Improve credibility and good intentions for organizations while working with vendors and contractors.

Empower you with universal security language with the terms and practices received in the industry.



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