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The economic potential of the village is very important at this time. Paying close attention to rural economic growth is one of the first steps in efforts to improve the quality of the economy in every corner of the country. In the last ten years, the government has intensely boosted the regional economy. This is done through various programs aimed at the people. The goal is none other than equitable development and the economy. As a manifestation of the values ​​contained in the 1945 Constitution.


There are many potential areas that can be explored. One of them is the BUMDes program. Since 2014, precisely after the publication of the Law on Peoples Number 6, the government began to encourage the governments of the peoples to be able to manage the budgetary funds of the peoples independently. Of course, covering various aspects and superior economic programs. The aim is to make the absorption of people's budgetary funds more efficient.

The village government, headed by the village chief, must have at least four flagship programs, Infrastructure Development and BUMDs. It is hoped that BUMDs or village-owned businesses can become the center of a healthy and productive economic cycle that can provide benefits to rural communities. Either directly or indirectly.

It is very important for all village leaders to know the economic potential of their village. This is closely related to efforts to improve the well-being of citizens. The country of Indonesia is rich in agricultural and marine products. This potential should not be wasted.

BUMDes is here to provide facilities to all potential citizens, both goods and services. For example, for agricultural and marine products, BUMDes can accommodate them, which will then be sold to people who need it.

The great potential that exists in the people is also something that the people's government sees as something that needs attention, although in various circumstances the people's government is still trying to be the first to help and develop the potential that exists. in the village. as the new strength of the country's economy.

In recent years, the People’s Government with the Economic and Social Care Program has contributed to the development of the potential of the peoples, especially the peoples of southern Sulawesi. Dozens of villages that have been helped in one to two years have been able to become independent with a strong economy. In 2019, the People’s Government with the DBS (Desa Bangkit Sejahtera) Program provides assistance to 13 villages in various districts in southern Sulawesi.

On Thursday (4/4), DBS held hearings in several assisted villages in the form of FGD (Focu Group Discussions) in which community and village officials participated. The villages in question include Lai, Bontoramba Village, Julukanaya Village, Kec. Pallangga-Gowa, Borong Pa'la'la 'Village, Pattallassang-Gowa district and Balang Tanayya Village, Polut-Takalar district.

At the FGD that took place, the community seemed very enthusiastic about the arrival of the village government team. The community empowerment program presented by the team represented by Heryanto as head of the DBS program received great attention from the people of the three villages who had the first opportunity for an audience. In her presentation, Heryanto, who was also accompanied by volunteers from Australia, Elise and assistants from each village, gave a detailed explanation of the mentoring and community development program that will be carried out.

Rural communities, which generally have limited access to information, are able to easily digest and understand the empowerment program described. The village leaders of each assisted village hope that with the assistance of the village government, they are expected to be able to make the community more independent in the management of the village’s natural resources and in the development of community resources.

Activities in the form of direct discussions involving the community like this can certainly be the most powerful way to clearly identify the problems that exist in the village.

This can be seen from the various contributions of the community, including those that give women the opportunity to produce handicrafts that can be souvenirs with a high resale value, processing the village’s natural resources to properly manage them to produce. quality processed products and more.

According to Imam Sahroni Darmawan, a local assistant in the Kedungdung subdistrict, Sampang district in East Java, one way to develop the potential in the village involving the community is through outreach. Dissemination is carried out to provide knowledge on post-harvest processing of agricultural products, appropriate technology to support small and medium-sized enterprises and the conservation of rare plants. This has also been done by the village government in recent years.

In the future, the Village Government of the Community Care and Development Program will continue to innovate and synergize with rural communities in order to turn villages into a strong and independent economic force.

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