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Student's Knowledge and Skills Needed For Writing an Academic Paper

Writing an academic paper is similar to writing a normal paper except that it will be looked upon by peers as well as college or university officials. Academic writing is basically utilized for research papers, personal documents, dissertations, or commentaries. But every day writing can also be utilized for personal letters, diaries, e-mails, and even for personal blogs. Since academic writing is different than writing a communication essay, many students are intimidated by the idea of writing one.

A good thesis is the backbone of any good paper. Thesis are written about a particular topic and the aim is to find a solution to a problem. Every student should know about the purpose of their thesis. A student should be able to explain the problem in simple terms, how they have come up with the solution, and how they plan on applying their solution throughout their academic career.

Thesis Statement

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A thesis statement in a paper is nothing more then a single sentence that summarizes the purpose of the paper. There are some paper examples which do make use of a thesis statement, but this is not what should be done when writing a paper. A better way to approach the matter is to make use of the essay outline.

An outline is just a list of ideas that the author outlines in his or her papers. Most academic papers follow the format of the "Bibliography" section which is found at the end of the text. The purpose of this section is to list all of the individuals or institutions that an individual has consulted in order to complete their studies. Many times students will include information that they obtained from these references in their papers.

Academic Writing

In academic writing, an essay follows a specific format that must be followed. These include the introduction which is usually a paragraph that outlines the entire paper as well as includes the thesis statement. Then comes the body of the paper which consists of theorems, conclusives, statements and conclusion. A good rule of thumb for determining proper formatting is to start writing an academic paper with an idea of how you plan to connect your paragraphs and begin with the main idea.

Now that you know what to do you can get started on writing your paper. One important detail to remember is to cite your sources. You can either do this by footnoting the sources or by including them in your bibliography. Footnotes are those small numbered boxes that appear on the end of a paper that provide additional information regarding a source. Citations are very helpful in determining the accuracy of your research and using it in your paper for presentation purposes. The most recent papers have introduced a new feature known as the Citatable Document where all details concerning a source that is mentioned in the paper is cited within the paper itself.


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Interactive Learning

Another important aspect of writing papers nowadays is the use of interactive learning. This concept attempts to make papers more interesting and appealing to read not only to those who are taking the class but also for instructors and other students. It was in 2021 that the first International Writing Lab was established at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. The aim of the interactive learning is not only to make papers more interesting but also to raise the bar for writing papers as it gives students experience in working with others as well as making them aware of the different style that better suited to their needs. The first International Writing Lab featured projects such as using a 'wikiscience' approach in which students created an online encyclopedia of academic papers.

Information Sources

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Finally, a student must have a good grasp of the grammar and composition aspects of the paper. As they become more knowledgeable about these two crucial elements they will be able to choose more appropriate information sources. They will be able to determine the grammatical construction of sentences and the choice of words in order to emphasize different aspects of the topic being discussed. A student must be prepared to do his/her own editing after reading and listening to the paper.







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